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Specializing in Hot Stone Therapies

I specialize in Hot Stone Therapies and Medical Massage.  Spa treatments also available. 


I do not lay hot stones on my clients.  I massage with them in my hands. It relaxes the muscles and softens the tissue without causing soreness after the massage.  I utilize Swedish and Asian massage techniques along with Hot Stone massage to enhance the treatment and relaxation benefits of the massage session for maximum results. 

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Massage By Heidi Lynn   

Welcome to Massage By Heidi Lynn!  I am so glad you stopped by to visit my website!  As you look through my website you will find information on services, pricing and most importantly... what I can do for you as your Massage Therapist.  If you have any further questions please feel free to call me. I have many many years of experience and impeccable references, as well.  Massage is booked by appointment only.

Gift Certificates are available, along with customized packages. 

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New Client, Referral & Senior Discounts!

New clients can enjoy $20.00 off their first appointment of a one hour or more massage session.  Current clients or new clients can enjoy $20.00 off of a one hour or more massage session with each new client referral that comes in for a one hour or more massage session.  Senior citizen discount of $10.00 per one hour or more massage session.

What I do

*I specialize in Hot Stone therapies and Medical Massage. Every massage session incorporates the best of hot stone, cold therapies as needed, Swedish and Asian massage techniques, along with hot towels working together for the most relaxing and therapeutic massage experience I can give to my clients. I do not lay hot stones on my clients. I hold them in my hands and massage with them. I massage with extra virgin olive oil only. Food for the skin!

*Any session can be customized to fit the massage needs of the client for that session. A full body massage will not be possible in a one hour massage session. Massage by Heidi Lynn is not administered in specific increments of time for each section of the body. Talk to me about choosing the correct amount of time in which to receive the massage therapies you want for your session. You can also customize the session for sections of your body that need the most work. Massage is booked by appointment only.  Snack and bottled water is provided for after massage.

If you love facials give the Ultimate Facial a try!  

The Ultimate Facial Massage: 

Features:  Gold bar low frequency electrical stimulation to enhance collagen production, Jade Roller collagen stimulation and smoothing of the facial muscles to decrease wrinkling, Hot and/or Cold Stone massage and Swedish massage, finishing up with a hot or cold towel of choice : 1 hour session. (Will relieve sinuses as well as nurture your skin to relax the muscles of the face for a more youthful appearance.) Pamper yourself or give the gift of relaxation to someone special! 

 They will love you for it! 



*Payment in full is required at the start of each session if you have not paid ahead. Extended sessions by agreement of both the therapist and the client are possible if there is no other client booked after the session. The extra fees are due upon completion of the session in full. Payment accepted is cash or through Zelle using your bank account if your bank offers Zelle. I also accept payments through Paypal.  

Hot Stone Massage: Includes Swedish and Asian techniques, as well as hot towels.  Snack is provided for after massage.


*The Thirty Minute Massage Session: $40.00

*The One Hour Massage Session: $80.00

*The One and a Half Hour Massage Session: $120.00

*The Two Hour Massage Session: $160.00

*The Two And A Half Hour Session: $200.00

* The Ultimate Facial Massage: Features Hot towels, Gold bar low frequency electrical stimulation to enhance collagen production, Jade rolling to smooth the muscles under the skin to decrease wrinkling, Hot and/or Cold Stone massage, Swedish massage and finishes with either a hot or cold towel of your choice : 1 hour session. (Will relieve sinuses while nurturing your skin to relax the muscles of the face for a more youthful appearance.)  Pamper yourself or give the gift of relaxation to someone special!   They will love you for it!   $60

*The Ultimate Footcial Massage: 

 Features: Gold Bar Roller Ball low frequency electrical stimulation to enhance the relaxation of the foot muscles, Hot and/or Cold Stone Massage, Swedish and Asian Massage techniques, stretching of the arch of the foot, stretching of the toes, trigger point pressure release, finishing with buffing of the skin and hot towel moisture to relax the foot and ankle.  This pampering foot experience is a must for those who love foot massage!  1 hour  session.  $60

Rosemary and Eucalyptus Sinus Treatment:

Hot stone massage incorporating rosemary and eucalyptus essential oils into the sinus areas for relief of sinus pressure and to help to move out stagnant fluid that is not flowing properly, which can cause infection.  30 minutes:  $40

Tapotement (Vibration) Therapy to move congested fluid in the chest and lungs.  This is very helpful to keep fluids from becoming stagnant, which can contribute to infection and breathing difficulty.  30 minutes: $40

Lymphatic drainage:  Benefits:  

More efficient healing from illness, injury, or surgery

Supports relaxation and relieves stress

Reduces scar formation by boosting healing responses

Removes excess water and metabolic waste from the tissues in the body

Reduces swelling and fluid retention

Improves skin quality and provides a more vibrant appearance

30 minutes:  $40

Organic Cane Sugar exfoliation:  (Face, arms, hands.)

Organic Cane Sugar contains calcium and magnesium.  It is high in glycolic acid:

Strongest AHA due to its small molecule size.  

Exfoliates dead skin cells.

Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Fades hyperpigmentation.

Brightens and smooths complexion.

Fights acne.

Hydrates dry skin.

Increases penetration of other ingredients. 

30 minutes: $40       45 minutes: $60 

Skin Brushing:  (Loofa Style)  


Detoxifying the skin

Stimulating the nervous system

Giving your skin a more radiant glow

Gentler on your skin than scrubbing in the shower

30 Minutes: $40    45 minutes (includes Pure African Shea Butter Treatment to moisturize and soften skin):  $60 

Hand, Arm and Foot Exfoliation with Pure African Shea Butter Moisturizing Massage Skin Softening Treatment.  30 Mins: $40.  45 Mins: $60

*Hot Stone Foot Massage with Swedish and Asian Massage techniques only: 30 Minutes: $40  40 Minutes: $50

*Hot Stone Hand and Arm Massage:

30 Minutes: $40. 1 Hour $80. (Carpal Tunnel Massage also available.  Carpal Tunnel is a circulatory issue, not a surgical issue.  It can be corrected through the proper massage techniques.)

*Shoulder, neck, pecs and scalp massage session: 45 minutes $60  1 hour $80

*Legs and glutes session: Session focuses on the large muscles of the back of the legs, ITB (outside band of the thighs) and glute muscles. 45 minutes $60.  1 hour $80

Abdominal massage for gut health and digestion improvement.  Includes rolling therapy.  30 minute session.  $40.00

Get $20 off a session for yourself through my new client referral rewards program!  Ask me how it works....


Gift Certificates are available! Call Today… 903-258-5584 

What our customers are saying

Massage By Heidi Lynn is by far the best Hot Stone massage I have ever experienced!  I highly recommend her! 

Sherry Barnes, Pharmacist

Massage By Heidi Lynn 

Give yourself the gift of health and relaxation!

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